Medical tourism – dentistry -Day 4

budapest four season

Luxuriating at the @Four Seasons Gresham Palace.  Lucky me…I had a room with a great view – of the Danube, the Chain Bridge and the Castle…as far removed from the dentist’s chair as it is possible to be.

Everybody loves 4Seasons beds…but this time I discovered the towels are pretty great too.  Unless you are in the top suites the amenities are by  @L’Occitane.  I have nothing but admiration for some of the l’Occitane products but I can never understand what such a mainstream product house is doing in 5 star hotels.  If you are top dog here you get @Acqua di Parma…

Up to the spa on the top floor with a light filled lap pool (you could get two swimmers into it at once…if they behaved nicely and stuck to their lanes)…and I booked a massage.  As massages go, it went. It was OK but not memorable, odd since Hungary is home to such therapies.  However just around the corner, @VitalEurope the dental clinic had booked me in for a pedicure at a salon called the @A List. VE know that people need to stay around for treatments so organise specials deals and discounts on everything from treatments to cafes.  Well, this was a triumph.  Eastern European therapists are widely regarded as they have such good training…and my pedicure which was everything from chiropody to nail varnish (not allowed in the UK as you need separate licences) was terrific. Callouses, corns, hard skin, massage, nail shape etc etc…plus polish ….all for the equivalent of £13.

But before all of that, breakfast was a revelation – especially as six different types of honey were on offer – from acacia…to herb…to lindenblossom

Spent the day exploring the city, first on foot and then on the hop-on-hop-off bus…and not a squeak from the teeth (sorry temporaries). I’ve become rather fond of them…and they are very impressive, not just because they stay in place and allow me to eat solids without trembling,  but because they look just like better versions of what was there before.  That’s the point I suppose…




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