Medical tourism – dentistry drama – Day 3


I know an old lady who swallowed a tooth

And that’s the truth

She swallowed a tooth

In fact one of my temporaries, when being detached for a fitting for the new crown, slithered all the way down my throat…much to the consternation of Dr Zsuzsanna…and helpless giggles from me.  Even though she didn’t want me to have a jab for the fitting, being the coward I am, I demanded one…consequently I hardly felt anything when I swallowed  it.  Coughing it up didn’t help and when cajoled to try eating a biscuit I couldn’t get my fat lip anywhere near it.   Therefore one has to wait for nature to take its course

They must find me seriously tiresome now, first with my complaints and now this…although the practice manager, Emoke Fabian, couldn’t be sweeter…while the two guys on reception are charm personified, even when faced with my version of hissing Sid!  Perhaps they are used to the ultra nervous.

Once the fitting was done, and the colour matched with my top teeth…I was set free for yet another bowl of goulash soup…this time in town close to St Stephen’s Basilica.   I had forgotten how magnificent the church is.  Talking of opulence, I have just checked into the Four Seasons Gresham Palace….where they didn’t bat an eyelid at my fat lip. This is a fabulous building and one which started life as an insurance office (Gresham) and an apartment building – I wonder how many of today’s insurance offices will end up as grand hotels in the historical parts of cities.

Demob happy as I didn’t need to see the clinic for another couple of days, I headed for the restaurant. If I can’t eat very much, at least I can have a go at Hungarian wines, which are reputedly very good…although the only ones I know, or even heard of, are Tokay and Bull’s Blood.  Having emailed my friend the wine expert Fiona Campbell for recommendations I demanded the wine list. Within minutes the sommelier and the maitre d’ were adding their favourites…and all in all a very pleasant evening ensued!!!

The stars of the show were the Sauska Extra Brut and a Kovacs Nimrod Syrah…and I did manage a sliver of goose liver with a fine slice of crispy eel followed by a raviolo. Teeth totally intact…yippee!

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