Day 5 – medical tourism- Budapest


The weekend – so all teeth repair work closes…and I head for another spa…this time the Royal Spa at the Corinthia.  Rather grand pool…beautifully tiled with lots of alcoves for rest and relaxing…plus a jacuzzi or two, steam and sauna.  I had a very good Thai massage with a tiny little woman called Nuch, who gently moved my body into positions it had not visited for aome time…and helped release the tensions I imposed on it while rigid in the dentist’s chair.


But the true wonder of the Corinthia is a bistro called Bock – Hungarian food with attitude.  It was heaving but the charming Akos Nonin the duty manager managed to get me a table.  This is where I threw all caution to the wind…temporary teeth or not, I succumber to oxcheek with pig’s ear and dumplings!!!  To start with  goose liver sushi with marinated eel and ginger…had I died and gone to heaven.  But before all of that there was a tub of lard…in other words dripping…good old fashioned dripping, goose dripping of course, served with the bread, and eaten sprinkled with sea salt and sweet paprika.   Not to mention the wines.   Bock is a wine grower, so suffice to say, the wines were more than exceptional.

Spent the following morning walking the indulgence off and heading for the spa pools and sauna.

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