Days 6,7 and 8 – Medical tourism, Budapest


Back to basics, back to the clinic, back to Dr Suzsanna and tedium.  Whatever I thought about VitalEurop, their initial lack of organisation or holistic warmth, I cannot fault their technical care.  For the best part of two and half days I am in and out of Dr S’s chair like the proverbial yo-yo as she checked the fittings, the shapes, the colour.  I dreaded the removing and refitting of my temporaries who I must admit, I had grown quite attached to during my pig-out at the weekend.

But then on the final morning it was with some trepidation that I went for the FITTING!!! There was no going back…after this nine new crowns and three bridges were going to be cemented into my jaw…for ever. Would it work? I really did not want to change my flight and stay another day.  It was a marvel…rather it is a marvel. Comfort from the very beginning even though I was supplied with a couple of painkillers and told to take one before I flew (because of the pressure within the plane).   For the first few hours I felt as if I had a mouthful of spanners…but by dinner time I was sufficiently used to them to supplement my usual goulash soup with a bowlful of goose crackling, supplied by friends who came to celebrate!

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