Lay your sleeping head…

I’m passionate about pillows…I scour the world for them…I have brought silk pillows from China, pure goose down from both Germany and Austria, although I am reliably informed that all the best ones come from Strasbourg (all those geese!) have attempted to buy them from hotels in Vienna and Rome, even tried to steal them from similar institutions in Jaipur and Brussels when they wouldn’t sell them to me.   Seasoned  travellers say that the Four Seasons have the best , they certainly have the best mattresses, while stay at homers swear by John Lewis’s goose down – which I have to admit are disappointing.  I have tried the ones with the foam memory – but they’re not for me…and then quite recently along comes  something called the Knightsbridge Pillow which although made from some state-of-the-art foam, fools you into thinking it’s goose down.

Cleverly designed and constructed by the glorious Dominic Cheetham, osteopath to the stars and everyone else, (, who has spent the last several years thinking and trialling his way through pillowland.   It looks like a normal pillow but it is height adjustable with three adjusters (I’m still on one but thinking I might opt for a second – watch this space!)    It’s neck support, which is concave, is unobtrusive and it is gloriously comfortable.

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