Serenity Space


I know we are all told that we can meditate anywhere…and at any time, which I am sure is true if you are experienced and allow yourelf the time and space.   For instance I love walking and find that I can meditate whether out in the country…in a park…or on deserted city streets…but sometimes in the quietness of my own room, World War Three breaks out in my head!  Which is why many of us require a certain space, a certain atmosphere, sometimes a candle or low lights, others prefer a church, a temple or a monastery.  And then once in a while something comes along which has been designed to clear the mind and provide the space in our heads we need –  such as the stunning meditation space at Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa, hidden among the forests on the slopes of the Western Ghats.  Just over two hours from the mayhem that is Mumbai, this glorious forest retreat not only provides clear, sweet air, birdsong and an ayurvedic spa as well as this oh-so-serene Meditation Cave…

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