Meditation mayhem


Oh dear! I have been trying to meditate for years….I really want to be able to do it and yet my mind and/or brain keeps getting in the way.  I have meditated in temples/ashrams/churches/gardens/seashore/trains and boats and planes…or have I?  A Buddhist monk in Thailand once told me I was trying too hard.  A TM teacher once told me I had cracked it after I had parted with quite a considerable sum of money.  The nearest I ever got to what I thought was meditation was during a Sadhana course in London…and then along came mindfulness.  No wonder so many of us are confused…and yet…and yet there is a huge longing for what I term peace of mind.  Is that what meditation really is? Who knows.  Is mindfulness a stepping stone to the real thing.  I can now recognise the difference, in theory, between the two…so must start practising

At the recent HealingSummit in Berlin, astrologer ShelleyvonStrunckel spoke on our need for time for ourselves, and highlighted the fact that often her daily horoscope in the  Evening Standard, was the only space in anybody’s day where the individual, while reading it, had time for his or herself. All 55 words of it…which is what she is allowed.

Perhaps we, or more likely me, all try far too hard to banish thoughts, ideas, intrusions which come into our heads the minute we “begin to meditate”….which is why I am so grateful to have met the lovely Cornelius O’Shaugnessy of Bodhimaya who tells me that all meditation is….is the art of doing nothing.  He also warned me that the rejection of thoughts, was not meditation when I explained that I push such monsters aside when they intrude on my meditating.  “Ignore them…pretend they’re just passing through.” I’m trying…well it’s better than allowing World War 3 loose in my brain


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